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Lejonklou er en bemærkelsesværdig Svensk producent af forstærkerudstyr. Specielt deres Riaa forstærkere har vundet meget hæder og ros i verden. Vi synes lyden taler for sig selv. Kom endelig forbi til en demo af dyderne - vi er begejstrede. 

Citat af Frederik Lejonklou: "Because I want as many as possible to experience the joy that a really good HiFi brings, our products are not priced according to the idea of maximising profit. Instead, our prices are related to the cost of development and manufacturing. I also believe in upgrading older products to the latest specification, whenever possible. My firm conviction is that an exceptional product should be taken care of and benefit from all the progress being made, instead of becoming obsolete and ending up on the dump. We keep track of each unit’s exact version and history. Such information is shared on request."

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